Digital Product Officer @ Beta House at La Victoria Lab

La Victoria Lab

Digital Product Officer @ Beta House

Full-Time in Lima, PE

“Intercorp operates with a single ambitious goal: to create a strong economic backbone to sustain Peru’s burgeoning middle class.”

–– Fortune magazine


Intercorp, working closely with innovation consultancy IDEO, is creating a world-class digital team to lead the creation of a new generation of digital products and services.

We are launching our Beta House and are hiring an elite cohort of three Digital Product Officers, who will design and manage the next generation of world-class digital services in the country while learning and growing together in this first phase of Beta House. Before embarking on this mission, the team will receive extensive training at the world's most innovative digital hubs, including top studios in Seattle, San Francisco and London.

While we value experience, we’re primarily interested in candidates with very high potential for growth. We’re looking for folks who are capable of leading cross-functional teams through the agile development, operation and scaling of new, transformative digital value propositions.


Digital Product Officers sit at the intersection of design, business and technology:

  • You have a user-centered mindset: you understand and prioritize user needs over technology.

  • You are a business hacker: you like to challenge and rethink current business models. Furthermore, you’re comfortable wearing both business and technology hats, and operating as a bridge between both worlds.

  • You are digitally savvy: you understand how technology is reshaping industries and how technology stacks enable the delivery of great digital services.

We’re looking for people with a track record of getting things done. Digital Product Officers are responsible for leading the entire product cycle of digital services, all the way from inception through launch and operation. They possess a strong design intuition that is combined with a propensity to leverage data to guide their decision-making.


  • Confident in your point of view, but open to new perspectives.

  • Sensitive to user experience, and strongly interested in improving it.

  • Driven to continuously improve and iterate.

  • Highly tolerant of ambiguity and fast-changing environments.

  • Skilled in analytics and quantitative methods.

  • A great communicator, fluent in both Spanish and English.


  • At least 5 years of related professional work experience.

  • Experience in leading interdisciplinary teams is a plus.


  • Define and communicate product direction and strategy.

  • Identify and prioritize user needs and expectations that will inform the building and iteration of digital products.

  • Assess and articulate business needs, and align them with identified user needs and motivations.

  • Measure and monitor product operation and growth to inform design and development priorities.

  • Manage the digital product backlog and development team for continuous delivery and iteration.

  • Secure resources and support from key stakeholders across the organization.


  • A mission-driven organization. Intercorp is clearly focused on a single ambitious dream: to create the next generation of modern services for the middle-class families of Peru.

  • A learning platform. Our teams work across a wide portfolio of industries, which is probably our greatest asset for continuous learning. But we also learn from conferences and inspirational trips all around the planet, as well as from best-in-class partners, such as IDEO, with whom we have an ongoing long-term partnership.

  • Freedom at the core. We cultivate a virtuous circle of trust and autonomy, all of which begins with our extremely rigorous hiring process.

  • Real Impact. While most innovation consultants struggle to see a fraction of their work launched, we are gratified to see almost all our design being used by real people, mostly because innovation at Intercorp is sponsored from the top.

  • Unique tribe. We work with a highly talented team, folks with huge hearts and a big sense of humor.


Beta House is La Victoria Lab’s elite digital delivery unit, bringing together a team of specialists, designers and developers to build and launch world-class digital services for Intercorp companies. Building on a foundation of human-centered design and agile development methodologies, Beta House focuses on creating high-impact services that improve the lives of their users and ultimately increase the digital confidence of Peruvian families.


Intercorp is Peru’s largest economic group, spanning a portfolio of 33 companies across a diverse array of sectors, including financial services, retail, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, and education, all aiming to serve Peru’s emerging middle class. All together, Intercorp employs more than 60,000 Peruvians, accounting for more than 2.7% of the country’s GDP, and it has managed to achieve all of this in just two decades.