Head of Data at La Victoria Lab

La Victoria Lab

Head of Data

Full-Time in Peru

“Intercorp operates with a single ambitious goal: to create a strong economic backbone to sustain Peru’s burgeoning middle class.”

–– Fortune magazine


We are currently seeking a Head of Data to set up and lead our newly established data science efforts within La Victoria Lab, the center of innovation of Intercorp – Peru’s largest business conglomerate.

The Head of Data will build the foundations to guide the data strategy for a holding of 30+ companies, to develop product and technical teams in the creation and implementation of data-driven products, services, and systems. The Head of Data will be in charge of assembling a group of data scientists and data-savvy folks from scratch, and of setting up the vision and strategies for Intercorp to become a data-driven organization. This role will further support CEOs and senior stakeholders in a variety of industries to address their understanding of data science and its business applications.


  • Strategic thinker, influential and credible with business and technical colleagues.
  • Outstanding business intellect, ability to understand a wide range of enterprises, and how data can make them thrive.
  • Highly adaptable and comfortable in ambiguous and always-changing contexts, and are continuously exploring new directions through experimentation.
  • Entrepreneurial and passionate about solving difficult challenges through innovation and creativity, with a strong focus on results.
  • Data savvy, and able to discuss technical requirements related to data at a high level. This covers the spectrum from regression to Markov methods and from unsupervised learning to neural networks.
  • Able to discuss and defend your ideas fluently in both Spanish and English (English is the official language of La Victoria Lab).


  • A solid portfolio of data-driven initiatives with proven high impact, encompassing a broad set of use cases.
  • MSc/BSc in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Statistics, or comparable experience.
  • Strong capacity to lead and motivate teams in navigating highly ambiguous environments.
  • Proven track record in advocacy, and negotiation at the technical and senior level.


  • A mission-driven organization. Intercorp is intently focused on a single ambitious dream: to create the next generation of modern services for Peru’s middle-class families.
  • A tangible impact. While most innovation consultants struggle to see even a fraction of their work reach the market, we are gratified to see almost all our designs being used by real people, because of a single reason: innovation at Intercorp is strongly sponsored by our shareholders.
  • A learning springboard. Our teams work across a wide portfolio of industries – which is probably our greatest asset for continuous learning – but we also learn from conferences and inspirational trips all around the planet, as well as from best-in-class partners such as IDEO.
  • A culture of autonomy. We cultivate a virtuous circle of trust and empowerment, which begins with our extremely rigorous hiring process.
  • A sense of family. We only work with folks who have huge hearts and a great sense of humor.


Founded in 2014, La Victoria Lab is the innovation lab of the Intercorp group, where we reimagine and rethink the future of our companies and the experiences we provide to our users. We work in partnership with IDEO, the world's leading design and innovation consultancy firm, to create new products and services based on people's needs.


Intercorp is Peru’s largest conglomerate group, spanning a portfolio of 33 companies across a diverse array of sectors, including financial services, retail, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, and education, all aiming to serve Peru’s middle-class families. All together, Intercorp employs more than 60,000 Peruvians, accounting for more than 2.7% of the country’s GDP, and it has managed to achieve all of this in just two decades.