Personal Assistant at La Victoria Lab

La Victoria Lab

Personal Assistant

Full-Time in Lima, PE

“Intercorp operates with a single ambitious goal: to create a strong economic backbone to sustain Peru’s burgeoning middle class.”

Fortune magazine


La Victoria Lab is a small multidisciplinary group of creatives who use human-centered innovation to improve the lives of Peruvian families. Partnering with design consultancy IDEO, we help Intercorp – Peru's largest business conglomerate – reshape its companies and rethink their future.

We are currently looking for a Personal Assistant (full-time position) to work in a team environment to make sure that all the projects are running smoothly.


The Personal Assistant (PA) supports the Project Leads (PLs) and the Lab’s Director, ensuring that they have the infrastructure and systems in place to do their best work. As the PA, your job is to partner with the Operations Team to provide seamless support across the studio, guided by a sophisticated understanding of the Lab’s business, philosophy and approach to work.

The PA’s work is highly visible and has significant impact on the PLs and the teams they support, and therefore on the Lab as a whole. The ideal candidate for this role demonstrates a talent for multitasking, operates with a deep understanding of systems, shows empathy and poise, and is a team player in every way.


  • Provide strategic support to ensure that PLs have the time, resources and materials needed to accomplish their goals and those of the Lab.

  • Keep the teams organized by assessing immediate priorities (who needs what by when) and preparing all meeting materials accordingly.

  • Collaborate and engage with Lab teams and the Lab’s external partners: help organize small and medium-sized events, set up spaces for meetings or workshops, etc.

  • Be an active member of the Operations Team, participating in weekly meetings and special projects, and providing back-up support when other team members are out of the office or need assistance.

  • Submit expense reports and budget forecasts. Assist PLs in monitoring project spending.

  • Manage and book the travel for the Lab’s Director, the PLs and their teams.

  • Schedule meetings and keep complex calendars for the Lab’s Director and the PLs, who manage multiple projects, client relationships and teams at all times.

  • Run project-related errands around the city (transportation costs for these off-site tasks are covered by the Lab).


  • You think and operate strategically. You are three steps ahead of your PLs, planning, making decisions, and anticipating and addressing problems before they occur - then fixing them again when everything changes.

  • You demonstrate courage and optimism. You use excellent communication skills to grasp the context necessary to perform tasks, and adopt a can-do attitude.

  • You are unfazed and adaptable in the face of change, even when things change time and time again. You represent the Lab with graciousness and poise, minimizing the ripple effect on your teams should problems arise.

  • You take pride in accuracy and professionalism. You show great attention to detail, thoroughness and follow-through.

  • You love collaborating in teams of people with diverse talents and skills, taking on work in a collegial and friendly way. You approach problem-solving with an open mind, and lead your peers to ensure best practices become standard.

  • You are a flawless multitasker, able to seamlessly shift between people, tasks, modes of communication and technology platforms.

  • You’re a voracious learner, using your time at the Lab to master the skills you need in both your work and your life.

  • You show up with empathy, humanity and generosity. Your intent with all your work is to have a positive impact—for leaders, your team members, the Lab’s partners and beyond.


  • Proven ability to collaborate in an administrative team environment

  • Exceptional judgment

  • Excellent written and verbal skills, both in English and Spanish

  • Expert knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook), Mac OS and Google applications

  • Proficiency or high level of comfort with technology

We work in a primarily English environment, therefore candidates should be comfortable working/communicating in advanced English. Occasionally a little Spanglish sneaks in.


La Victoria Lab is the innovation lab of the Intercorp group, where we reimagine the future of our companies and redesign the experiences we provide to our users. We started in 2014 and we work in partnership with IDEO, the world's leading design and innovation consultancy firm, to create new products and services based on people's needs.


Intercorp is Peru’s largest economic group, spanning a portfolio of 33 companies across a diverse array of sectors, including financial services, retail, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and education, all aiming to serve Peru’s middle-class families. All together, Intercorp employs over 60,000 Peruvians, accounting for more than 2.7% of the country’s GDP, and it has managed to achieve all of this in just two decades.